The Vision

You will have noticed its been a while. For various reasons we took a break from Songs of Worship for a number of months. Mostly due to personal circumstances, but also because it was important to really figure out what it was Songs of Worship should be rather than a mix of things as it … More The Vision

5 Things I learnt from Ed Sheeran’s Songwriter Documentary.

Thanks to the recommendation from Tom Read on Twitter last week, I discovered Ed Sheeran’s Songwriting documentary on Apple Music, aptly named ‘Songwriter’. Basic gist is, Ed Sheeran has had a film producer (Who is also his cousin) follow him around for the last few years, capturing loads of songwriting sessions, including footage of him … More 5 Things I learnt from Ed Sheeran’s Songwriter Documentary.

Finishing Songs

Author: Brenton Collyer. Starting a song is easy.  Finishing a song is much more difficult. Most songwriters have plenty of ideas.  A chord progression.  Lyrics written in a notebook.  A story. Unfortunately, most of these ideas are lost.  The song is never completed.  Never shared.  Never recorded. Right now I’m working on writing for a … More Finishing Songs