We created our resources section, quite simply, to be a place where Worship Leaders, Pastors and Worship Teams can find things to make your life easier! At the moment you can find our Pads for Worship, Click tracks, Chords & Lead Sheets.

If there’s something which you’d love to see in this section, then please get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

Pads for Worship

Simply plug your Phone, iPod, Laptop, etc into the PA. Hit play. Play over the top. Great for small band setups, or if your keys player is ever away. (No, don’t misunderstand us, you keys players are worth more than a simple pad sound!)

Worship Click Tracks

Sometimes the idea of using a click is a little daunting. Perhaps this might make things easier for you. Again, just put through the in ears of the band, and away you go.

Chords & Lead Sheets

See the Songs section, or click on the song to listen in full.


All for Thee (Take my Life)

Fruit of the Spirit

Glory to God

Here in the Stillness

He’s Alive (Come here, Celebrate)

Holy Fire

Light of the World (Living in Me)

Joy can be Found

Purest Silver (Psalm 12)

You Took the Fall

Your Name Alone

Pads for Worship

Pads in every key, ideal for a small band set up, or if you’re leading worship in a small setting.

Worship Click Tracks (vol. 1)

Click Tracks for your favourite worship songs. Including O Praise the name, This is Amazing Grace, etc.

Chords & Music

Find free Chords & Music to all our songs here…