Press Kit (EPK)


Songs of Worship is an initiative which began in mid 2018 based out of Redeemer King Church, Chesterfield.

As a community of worshippers passionate about Jesus, we quite simply want to connect churches, worship leaders and worshippers to fantastic songs, written by other local songwriters and worship leaders. One way we’re doing that is through our Song Blog.

The second way is through releasing music which has been birthed from our own worshipping community, which brings us onto our latest release, going live on 28 September 2018, ‘Vol 1: Holy Fire’. Take a listen to the EP below.

Holy Fire (feat. Jessica Bond)

Light of the World (Living in Me) [feat. Abbie Turner]

Here in the Stillness (feat. Abbie Turner)

All for Thee (Take My Life) [feat. Grace Gower]

Vol 1 Holy Fire - Artwork v3.jpg

Holy Fire, our debut EP contains 4 songs written by Chris Sayburn – who you may know from his latest Integrity release ‘Saved by Grace’, former Electralyte front man – Matt Leeder, Gareth Simmonds, Grace Gower and the team at Redeemer King, Chesterfield.

Featuring energetic, inspiring, and haunting vocals from Jessica Bond, Abbie Turner and Grace Gower, it’s our prayer that these songs will come alive as a blessing to the worshipping life of both individuals and churches around the UK.

We would be honoured if you took the time to check out the EP above, and would consider including it on your blog, website or radio show.

If you require any more information please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at

Thank-you for your time,
The Team at Songs of Worship.