Jenny Pegg

A worship leader and songwriter based in Sheffield, Jenny Pegg is both a gifted singer and an articulate speaker, driven by a desire to see others encouraged and uplifted, even in their darkest days. Much of Jenny’s songwriting is shaped by her own life experiences, in particular of chronic illness. Since being diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, she has had to make numerous – and often difficult – changes in her life. 

However God was with her in all her struggles, and Jenny has discovered that in sharing her own experiences, others can see their own challenges reflected in her story and find inspiration and encouragement. With this in mind, she began work on a series of songs that would go on to form her debut EP, Remain. Recorded with producer Andy Baker (Philippa Hanna, Daughters of Davis), the record was released in October 2014.

As well as being a musician and speaker, Jenny has also begun work on a series of devotionals: A project that began as a simple gesture to help a struggling colleague. She is also working on a book that combines elements of autobiography, motivation and practical advice that she has discovered in overcoming the challenges of illness.