In Ear Monitors For Worship: Yay or Nay?

Ok so it's time to get a bit technical! In ear monitors for worship? It's the church worship team's 'Apple Vs Android', 'Edward vs Jacob' or 'Mcfly vs Busted' debate. About a year ago our church worship team took the plunge and went all digital, and opted solely for in-ear monitors for all the worship … Continue reading In Ear Monitors For Worship: Yay or Nay?

Finishing Songs

Author: Brenton Collyer. Starting a song is easy.  Finishing a song is much more difficult. Most songwriters have plenty of ideas.  A chord progression.  Lyrics written in a notebook.  A story. Unfortunately, most of these ideas are lost.  The song is never completed.  Never shared.  Never recorded. Right now I’m working on writing for a … Continue reading Finishing Songs