Pads for Worship

Calling all worship leaders. The first resource in our new resource section is here… Now, let’s start by stating some obvious truths, it’s really nothing fancy! No seriously, it’s not. But we have created this resource, and others which are on the way for one simple reasons, they’re things that over the past few years … More Pads for Worship

The Vision

You will have noticed its been a while. For various reasons we took a break from Songs of Worship for a number of months. Mostly due to personal circumstances, but also because it was important to really figure out what it was Songs of Worship should be rather than a mix of things as it … More The Vision

My Refuge

Rivers & Robots Written by: Caleb Choo, Jonathan Ogden & Nathan Stirling CCLI Number: 7116224 Lyrics [Verse 1] Though the seas may rage and earth may shake I don’t have to be afraid Though the mountains move into the sea You’re a steadfast rock beneath my feet [Pre-Chorus] God my rock God my rock God my … More My Refuge