Using These Songs

Ok, so it’s Saturday night, you’ve found a song you’re love and can’t wait to introduce it at church tomorrow morning?

Go for it. Although, your band might appreciate a little more of a heads up next time!

We don’t hold the rights to any of these songs, nor do we make any money from you using them.

BUT… We do please ask that you use these songs legally. If you use any of these songs in your Churches, whether that’s singing them on a Sunday, or simply playing the Youtube video in a house group setting, please make sure to include the song in your CCLI report at the end of the year (you can find support for this at CCLI via the link).

The CCLI number of each song will hopefully be found on the post where applicable, or on the chord/music/lyric sheet which is downloadable on this website.

If you are using a song which doesn’t have a CCLI number, please let us know, and we’ll get in touch with the artist to double check, or encourage them to get one so you can include in your reporting.

Thanks for stopping by.