Songs of Worship is about bringing new Songs and Resources to Worship Leaders and teams of the local church. We are a collective of Songwriters passionate about writing Christ centred, worshipful songs.

Songwriters Collective

Our Songwriting team currently include Gareth Simmonds, Mark Depledge, Josh Wheeler, Matt Leeder & Joe White.

Our Songs of Worship Live Sessions will be released reguraly throughout the year and will be completely free to watch on YouTube, and download the Chordsheets and Resources here at Songs of Worship. They will also be added to Spotify, Apple Music and all major retailers for you to download and add to your favourite play lists to help you plan for Sundays and share them with your congregation.


If we had to summarise our resource section in simple terms, it would be this. ‘Stuff that helps you lead worship, which I wish I had been given for free years ago!’


We’re grateful to have various guest bloggers, and great minds in the Worship community share their thoughts with us in our blog section. We also share other fantastic songs from others around the country and further afield through the blog section.

Check out our latest songs here…