Kingdom Come (The Lord’s Prayer)

Songs of Worship Live Session, Kingdom Come (The Lord’s Prayer) – brought to you by Gareth Simmonds and Mark Depledge.

Written by: Gareth Simmonds
CCLI Number: 7135083

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Our father in heaven, Hallowed be your name
God You are holy, Your name is high above all

Your Kingdom come, Your will be completed
Here in this moment, God I surrender all

So let Your kingdom come,
Here on earth as it is in heaven,
As it is in heaven
Let Your will be done,
In my life just as you intended,
As you intended God
Let Your kingdom come

Give us today our food for tomorrow
Your holy presence will be our sustenance
Forgive our sins as we forgive others
Lead us from evil, let grace abound instead

You are holy, You are holy
You are holy, Lord of everything

For Yours is the Kingdom,
The power and glory
Now and forever,
Now and forever, Amen

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