Pads for Worship

Calling all worship leaders. The first resource in our new resource section is here…

Our latest resource, Pads for Worship is now available at #pads #worship #resource #church #worshipleader

Now, let’s start by stating some obvious truths, it’s really nothing fancy! No seriously, it’s not. But we have created this resource, and others which are on the way for one simple reasons, they’re things that over the past few years I really wish I had free access to.

As a local church worship leader, it is more than likely that at some point you find yourself lacking a few members of a band, or just wanting to bring a little bit of a fuller sound to church on Sunday morning. But without the faff of setting up loads of gear, or shelling out on a looping programme, etc. I know I’ve been there.

Using Pads for Worship

Our pads are literally one chord for 20 minutes, and work under pretty much any worship song (this is the part where we don’t knock worship songs for being so simple, hey, it’s a good thing!) Simply connect your phone to the PA via an Aux lead or Bluetooth, press play, and bob’s your uncle.

Volume wise, it shouldn’t drown you, the band or the congregation out at all. In fact, the pad shouldn’t really be heard at all when you’re in full flow of a chorus or verse, but when you drop down to just an acoustic or just the voices, its amazing how it just backs you up, and more importantly, keeps everyone in the right key if you drop out the instruments.

For best practice, and ease of changing keys after a couple of songs, etc, I recommend setting up with a volume pedal (Phone > Aux Cable > MiniJack-1/4″ Jack converter > Volume Pedal > Big Jack to Sound Desk) This means you can really subtly bring the pad in and out, and no-one will even know!

Pads for Worship is currently available on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Google play, etc to stream, but will very soon be available direct from Songs of Worship for completely free.

Do drop us a tweet or Instagram us if you use on a Sunday, we’d love to see your set up.

Listen on Spotify


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