The Vision

You will have noticed its been a while. For various reasons we took a break from Songs of Worship for a number of months. Mostly due to personal circumstances, but also because it was important to really figure out what it was Songs of Worship should be rather than a mix of things as it was before.

Personally I know that I have a tendency to aim for perfection when it comes to making worship music, recording songs, etc. I’ve been involved in multiple projects in the past which have cost a lot of time, money, and energy, yet seem to have sometimes ended up by leaving the heart behind.

I really feel that this is the season to step away from that, not worry about songs being perfect, but instead focus the attention on trying to capture the heart of the song.

With that in mind, we’re going to focus on Songs of Worship simply being about providing local church worship leaders and teams with new songs and resources.

Our attention on simply writing songs, and introducing our new ‘Songs of Worship Live Sessions’ to bring them to you in their simple, raw, heartfelt state.

At this moment in time our main writers will be myself, Gareth Simmonds and Mark Depledge, who is a fantastic writer of children’s and family songs in particular and we hope that plenty of other people will join us on the way.

A second part of the vision is to try and bring resources to worship leaders. Resources that I wish I had had free access to at some point!

The first resource is Pads for Worship, which is available now on Spotify and will soon be available free of charge right here. It’s nothing fancy, but in a small church setting we’re very aware that you might not have access to fancy Macbooks, Abledon live, and other gear. But if you feel like your sound needs filling out a little, these pads can be a fantastic option, simply plug your phone/tablet in using an Aux cable, put it on your music stand, and away you go. Find the link below…

Thanks for your support, we look forward to continuing the journey with you. The revitilising of the website will be happening over the coming weeks, but we hope it won’t be too long until we can share the first live session with you.

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