What is Christmas really worth?

Everyone loves Christmas. Well, almost everyone. It only takes a moment of thinking about the look on a child’s face on Christmas morning to see a glimpse of true joy!
But what is Christmas really worth?

freely-38185 (1) (1)If you’re a retailer, it’s probably worth a good chunk of your annual income. If you’re a parent it’s probably worth a lot of extra expenditure and stress. If you’re a child it’s probably worth all the excitement you can muster and then a bit more. But if you’re a human Christmas should be worth everything to you.

Not the commercially driven celebrations of excess and overindulgence – but the very
reason we celebrate Christmas at all – the fact that God sent his one and only Son, Jesus, to earth, born as a baby, out of his forever faithful love for all humankind.

Because without that baby there is no glimmer of hope nor prospect of peace.

Jesus was (and still is!) worth more than we could ever imagine to God the father. It cost him everything, even his very being, to become incarnate on that first Christmas; knowing that 33 years later his death and resurrection would change the trajectory of humankind once and for all.

For me, Jesus is worth more every day as I learn more about him, grow closer to him and
notice all of the beautiful things he does. I have dedicated my life to Jesus because there is no thing, and no person who I could ever love more.

The word ‘worship’ is derived from the old English word ‘weorþscipe’ or ‘worth-ship’ – to give worth and honour to something or someone. In many churches today this broader meaning is lost, with the word worship so often understood to mean singing a few songs, or possibly used as an alternative name for a church service.

Of course, giving worth and honour to God was never meant to be restricted to singing and participating in church activities – giving worth to God is a choice that those who follow him make in every single moment of every single day.

In what way will your life bring worth to Jesus this Christmas?

There is something paradoxical about the nature of worshipping God, for as those who
follow him give him worth, it is their worth to God himself with which they are overwhelmed.

freely-42760 (1)

And at Christmas I am most motivated to help those who don’t yet know God’s love to see how much he says they are worth. What better gift could someone receive than
unconditional, everlasting, life-transforming love?

Who needs to know how much God says they are worth this Christmas? And how will you tell them?

Isaiah 9:6-7

Staff Photo 1.jpgWritten by: Gemma Willis, Content Innovator, Scripture Union England and Wales.

Gemma has over 15 years of experience in working with children and young people, and you may well know her also as the author of Diary of a Disciple. She is passionate about communicating the good news of Jesus in relevant, exciting and engaging ways. She also likes pies, mountains and cats.


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