Vol 1: Holy Fire – OUT NOW

Header Louder Than.jpg

Today’s the day! We’d love to share our debut EP – ‘Vol 1: Holy Fire’ with you RIGHT NOW!

These songs have taken months of crafting, with some of the ideas actually starting years ago, and we really hope and pray that you will love listening and worshipping with these songs as much as we do.

We would be so grateful if you were to head over to your favourite streaming/downloading site and get your copy. We would also love to bless you by giving you a free Songbook PDF of the chords, lead sheets & lyrics for you to play along at home or in your church.


Anyway, without further ado, please allow us to introduce you to the title track of the EP, Holy Fire. Written by Chris Sayburn & Gareth Simmonds, and featuring the beautiful vocals of Jessica Bond. Enjoy…

Vol 1 Holy Fire - Artwork v3.jpg

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