Monday Motivation?

Ok, let’s be honest. I have very little motivation today. I mean, I’ll openly admit that I can’t really claim that Monday feeling as I’m currently on holiday, and I have enough motivation to write this I guess, but truthfully, I’m not feeling it at all today.

Our 4 month old has taken it upon herself to make some big steps in the teething department it seems, and doing her best to let us know that she does indeed have that Monday morning feeling.

It’s been one of those days.

But what it did help me to realise is that it’s these tough days that our decision to follow Jesus is most important.

Too often we’ve made worship something we do out of a place of feeling good with the world, and with God, but it was never about that. Worship should be and come directly from the revelation of what Jesus did for us.

Irrespective of how we feel, it’s our call to worship him.

In football it’s always said that the best and most important games to win are the ones where you play terrible, and scrape through. Something to do with grit and determination I think.

I can’t help but think what kind of impression my Daughter would have of us if every day we didn’t feel great we decided not to bother changing her nappy or showing her some affection.

Parenting doesn’t work like that, and neither does our relationship with God.

I think the same is true with God. When you’re feeling least like worshipping, that’s when God loves it the most when you still set aside time to honour him.

Brother Lawrence in his book ‘Practicing the Presence of God’ would talk about the need to make every act something sacred, so even something as mundane as washing the dishes would be an act of worship.

We don’t go through life with a nice fuzzy feeling that we might get whilst singing songs in church on a Sunday, which makes it so important to learn to look for God, and devote ourselves to God in the toughest and sometimes dullest of days.

So whether you’ve got a Kale smoothie on the go and feeling like you’ve nailed Monday this week, or if you’re your twenty fifth coffee like me (slight exaguration) – you can do it!

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